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An Overview of My Mission & Services

Althaus Educational Services mission is to deliver the following operations based educational programs to individuals and organizations with the goal of enhanced skill development and improved business performance:

  • The APICS CPIM Review Series
  • The APICS CSCP Review Series
  • The Lean Manufacturing Workshop Series
  • The Inventory Management Workshop Series
  • The Theory of Constraints Workshop Series
  • Other Customized Seminars and Workshops

Plus Other Training :

    • Systems Implementation
    • ERP- Enterprise Resource Planning
    • Project Management and Others
  • Not sure you need Training for your Personnel?
    • why not let me conduct a simple operational assessment?


Experienced....Efficient....and Effective

Experienced: Over Thirty years in a variety of manufacturing and distribution environments.

Efficient: Education focused on your industry but intended to stimulate creativity.

Effective: Numerous positive recommendations and results provided upon request.


My Services are competitively priced with other providers of this type of educational offering. My goal is to provide you with Quality Education in a flexible venue appropriate to your needs. I am an MBE company.

More Information or Questions?

For more information about who I am and the benefits of my services, go to my" APICS Education and Certifications" page and my "What's New" page.

For questions, link to my Contact page. My Educational efforts are focused in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, but I will travel to your location as requested.

Call me at 513-703-6412 or e-mail me at :