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History of Althaus Educational Services

Althaus Educational Services is the creation of Ron Althaus. In 2000 Ron embarked on his own to pursue his twin passions: 1) continuing to be involved with APICS, The Association for Operations Management and 2) teaching. A member of APICS since 1982, Ron decided that he would devote his full energy to providing operations education to businesses and individuals alike. Ron holds all of the APICS certifications; CFPIM, CIRM, CSCP and also is a Certified Purchasing Manager, C.P.M., by the Institute of Supply Chain management, ISM. The rest of Ron's credentials and experience are listed on the "teaching qualifications" page of this website.

Food for Thought

Recently I saw this sign in one of my clients training rooms. Although there were no credits to the Author, It struck me as something I wanted to share with my current and future clients. Here it is...

"The only thing worse than than training someone and having them leave your company...

Is not training them and having them stay!"

Why In-House Education ?

5 Great Reasons for Choosing APICS In-House Education!

  • Discussions focus on your company processes!
  • Scheduling to accomodate your employee needs!
  • Enhances cross-functional communication!
  • Continuity of Professional delivery!
  • All without off-site travel or expense!

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Other contacts: 6555 Ridge Rd, Cincinnati, Ohio 45213 / 515-703-6412

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