Tutoring- Flexible APICS Certification Support

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Flexible APICS Certification Support


Flexible APICS Certification Support   The Situation:
  •    The economy is depressed
  •     Unemployment is high
  •     Obtaining  / Retaining a position is vital 
A Flexible Option:
  •    Become CPIM or CSCP Certified
  •     Do it at the minimum cost using…
  •     A blend of Self-Study and Tutoring
  •     Pay as you go and pay for only what you need.

 How does this work?

  •     You choose what you self study.
  •     You choose where and when you need a Tutor.
The results:
  •     Flexible Time!
  •     Flexible Cost!
  •     And Still the benefit of One on One Mentoring.
  •     Leading to CPIM or CSCP Certification!
Next Steps:  Check out the Possibilities!


Contact Information

E-Mail ralthaus44@hotmail.com
Phone: 513-703-6412

FAQ's About Tutoring

Q: What certifications can I get Tutoring for?

A: The CPIM and the CSCP Certification programs. 

Q: How much does Tutoring cost?

A: I provide tutoring at an hourly rate. There is no minimum time. We only take as long as you need to resolve any issues.

Q: How much Tutoring do I need?

A: This depends on your past preparation and experience. No two people are alike.

Q: Does Tutoring guarantee I will pass the test?

A: No, sorry, I cannot make that guarantee. But it should greatly improve your chances.